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Balancing Mind & Body

In 2013, I welcomed Energy Healing into my life. I study a form of Reiki healing that has opened my mind to new ways of handling day-to-day stress and tension.

Reiki is a widely known method of energy healing. The word is a combination of two Japanese Kanji (symbols): The first symbol Rei, means guided and the second symbol, Ki means life force or universal energy. Combined, Reiki means Guided Life Force Energy or Guided Universal Energy. This energy is our consciousness, our awareness of being alive. It includes our thoughts, emotions, memories, and how we experience everything about living.

Our energy can become imbalanced in many ways:


 Emotionally - If our emotional energy is blocked we may have feelings of stress, depression or sadness, anger or fear; we may worry or feel jealous. Having our energy emotionally balanced will help create the opposite feelings.  We simply feel better, more capable, calm, and can handle the stress of life more easily.


 Physically - Pain is an example of a physical imbalance. Another is illness, which is a sign of energetic imbalance on a physical level. All illness and pain begin on an energetic level.


I use Reiki to help guide the life force energy, using directed thought, or intention, to allow the energy to flow smoothly and freely again, and ultimately restore balance.


Giving and receiving a Reiki treatment is a very relaxing experience. When I offer a Reiki session, I begin with a guided meditation to ensure the energy of both receiver and myself are grounded, allowing only the purest energy to flow freely between us. This protects both of us against any possible negative energies that may be present. You, as the receiver, simply lay back, relax, listen to peaceful, soothing music, enjoy the subtle scents and warming glow from the candles, and allow yourself to become completely immersed in a splendor of deep tranquility.